Modesto Leak Detection Services

Hundreds of satisfied Modesto and Stockton, CA home and business owners recommend Modesto Leak Detection because we can quickly pinpoint leak sources from outside or inside your property. And we can fix them fast. We have a 100% lifetime guarantee on our work!


Leaks are more common than you think. If you’ve found water damage or had to make emergency repair calls, it’s time to call in an expert.

Water Leak Detection


If you know of a gas leak or have a newly buried gas line that did not pass inspection via pressure testing, give us a call. Tracer gases are non-flammable and safe to use, and we can locate any unwanted gas line leak.

Gas Leak Detection

Simple black line drawing of a pool ladder

Faulty/old equipment, faulty piping, and improper plastering are the most common causes of costly pool leaks.

It is a major expense to have a leak in your pool. A leak can start off small but can build up to a substantial amount if not taken care of.

Pool Leak Detection