American Leak Detection: A Surprising History


leaking pipeline

Detecting water leaks quickly and correctly is important. It saves the trillion gallons of treated water we’re reported to lose because of undetected leaks. According to American Leak Detection, it can also reduce damage and protect property values. You can read up on more reasons why water leak detection is important here.

Technological developments over the years have made it easier to detect water leaks. This wasn't always the case. In this article, we look at the history of water leak detection and some common methods used in this process.

Early water supply systems


Earlier civilizations built channels that carried fresh water to communities. These channels were known as aqueducts. Egypt and India are believed to have initially built them while Rome went on to improve them.

Rome’s water supply system, which was also documented, experienced leakages after some time. These leaks were detected after aqueducts were visually inspected. One disadvantage of visual inspection as a method of detecting water leaks is that leaks may only be discovered when they’re big enough to be seen.

Thankfully, technology has enabled us to create more efficient methods of water leak detection. Some of these include the following:

Thermal imaging

Thermal image of a pipeline

This process uses a camera to identify hot and cold spots in buildings or other structures. The camera can be handheld or attached to a drone. This depends on the structure being inspected.

Any water leaks are picked up based on their temperature. When it’s cold, water leaks will be warmer. When it’s hot, they’ll be cooler.

Ground-Penetrating Radar

The lower body of a person standing on a tarred road with their hands on a ground-penetrating radar

This device sends electromagnetic waves into the ground. The waves are reflected off underground objects and back to the GPR. It then uses this information to create an image of these objects. This image can show any breaks in pipelines that must not be obstructed by vegetation or any building.


Right hand showing of a person holding a geophone in an open field

This divide uses sound to detect water leaks in plumbing lines. You’re able to hear the sounds and vibrations it transmits through a headpiece that looks like a stethoscope. Where the loudest is, is where a leak is usually located.

Modesto Leak Detection

![Plumbing tools and fittings]( Plumbing tools and fittings

Modesto Leak Detection was started as a plumbing and leak detection company in 1991 by Bill Tomasetti. His son, Andrew Tomasetti later joined him. The father-and-son business expanded its services and now offers leak detection and wear damage inspections to insurance companies.

After over 30 years in the business, Modesto Leak Detection is now one of the experts in the leak detection industry. In fact, your insurance company gets Modesto Leak Detection to help you fix your plumbing problems when you call them.

Modesto Leak Detection uses the following methods of water leak detection:

  1. Thermal imaging
  2. Acoustic leak detection where devices are used to pick up the sound of water escaping from pipelines
  3. Camera inspection with high-definition devices that can find any leaks in places that are hard to reach.

Influential players in the water leak detection industry

![Person fixing water pipeline]( Person fixing water pipeline

Companies in the leak detection industry owe their success to the individuals who created or improved means to detect leaks. Leading experts in the industry include Modesto Leak Detection and American Leak Detection.

With over 40 years of experience, American Leak Detection relies on the improved methods to detect water leaks without necessarily drilling into walls or floors. Like Modesto Leak Detection, it also uses thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection devices to locate any leaks in your building.


Wall with paint peeling off due to water leakage

Water leak detection has come far. Improvements in technology continue to make it easy for us to run our water supply systems as efficiently as is possible.

Detecting water leaks in these systems is important. It saves money and property. That’s why you should ensure that professional plumbers regularly check your plumbing system.

Read this article for more information on plumbing maintenance.

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