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Get peace of mind with the experts at Modesto Leak Detection. We're here to be your first line of defense against plumbing disasters.

Modesto Area Leak Detection

Same day water leak detection services for Modesto, Turlock, and surrounding areas

We're the only leak detection company to offer next day service in Modesto.

Insurance Claims

We use industry-standard software to create accurate insurance claims. 

Call us first and get an unbiased claims report

Indoor & Outdoor

We'll detect leaking water outside or inside your building, rain or shine.

We get down and dirty to find your water leak, no matter where its located.

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Home or Commercial

Modesto Leak Detection is a trusted partner for both our home and commercial clients.

We got our start 30 years ago with finding water leaks for local businesses in Modesto

Common And Uncommon Water leak Detection Specialists

Water leaks may seem like a common occurrence, with many homeowners familiar with the stress of dripping taps. However, not all leaks are so obvious. Sometimes a leak in a plumbing line under the slab or other hidden areas can go unnoticed until it has caused damage. Our expert technicians have the skills necessary to find the problem -- whatever it is. Schedule an appointment with our team today to take action before it's too late.

  • Water Leak Detection

  • Cause & Origin

  • Mystery leaks

  • Water Leak Repair

  • Crack Injection

  • Pipe repair

  • Insurance Claims

  • Agent contact

  • Cause of Loss

  • Non-Invasive

  • Sewer Camera Inspection

  • Utility Line Location

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Water Leak Detection Service For Modesto, CA

Nobody likes spending their money or time on costly repairs only to find out that the real issue was lying beneath your floors or walls undetected. Modesto Leak Detection guarantees that if you do have a leak, we will find it before doing any repairs. Modesto Leak Detection has the latest technology to detect leaks under floors, crawl spaces, and other hard-to-find places.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. That’s how confident we are about our work.

Modesto is a pretty dry place, so when it does rain, many buildings are unprepared for the flooding that can happen.

Our busiest season is definitely in the winter, when rain begins to creep in to unsuspecting households.

It depends on the leak location. Our flat rates range from $295 - $500. Give us a call today to get a quote!

Would you like to find a Modesto plumber that does more than fix clogs and install toilets? There's nothing wrong with those things ( we do them as well!) but our specialty and passion is water leak detection.

Fixing water leaks is just one of the things that plumbers need to do on a regular basis. Modesto Leak Detection is your plumbing connection that excels in water leak detection.



Leak Detection Service Areas

Proudly Providing Leak Detection Service In Modesto California

A map of Modesto and surrounding cities. With a circle around Modesto

Competitors in Stockton

Stockton Leak Detection Companies can take more than a week to come down to Modesto

Competitors in Merced

Merced Leak Detection Companies can take more than a week to come up to Modesto

Modesto Leak Detection

We're the only leak detection company who can provide same-day service in the Modesto/Turlock area

A map of Modesto and surrounding cities. With a circle around Modesto

Competitors in Stockton

Stockton Leak Detection Companies can take more than a week to come down to Modesto

Competitors in Merced

Merced Leak Detection Companies can take more than a week to come up to Modesto

Modesto Leak Detection

We're the only leak detection company who can provide same-day service in the Modesto/Turlock area



Water leak detection in Modesto, California.



Water leak detection in Turlock, California.



Water leak detection in Tracy, California



Water leak detection in Ceres, California

The Only Leak Detection Company to Offer Same Day Service To Modesto, California

Insurance Claims for Water Leak Damage

When you have a leak, the damage can be extensive. Even worse, the water leak insurance claim process is extremely complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with it.

We are experts in detecting water leaks and estimating the damage they cause. We work fast to minimize your financial loss, provide unbiased reports to your insurance company, and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you suspect a water leak in your home or office, don’t make matters worse by trying to repair it yourself. Call Modesto Leak Detection for expert advise on how to deal with the situation.

It really depends on your carrier. Usually sudden or accidental leaks are covered, such as burst pipes, storm damage, flood damage, or sewer backup.

Knowing what your insurance covers is the one thing we can't determine for you. But we can talk with your agent to figure out what is covered and what is not.

This really determines on the extent of the damage, and how much your insurance covers. According to Home Advisor, the average amount homeowners will pay in water damage repairs in 2019 is $3,187 — with a range from $1,213 - $5,164.

Who is liable for a water leak depends on where the leak is located. If it is in the water main or communication pipe (the pipe that brings water to your house from the main line) then your water company is responsible.

If the leak is within your property lines, the property owner is liable for a water leak.

If you rent, call your landlord to come take care of it! 

Why Choose Modesto Leak Detection? You Are Our Highest Priority

Professional grade leak detection equipment, Proven solutions and exceptional customer service.

  • 30+ years of experience

  • Local family-run business (father son duo)

  • Won't destroy your home trying to detect a leak

  • Transparent pricing

  • Experts at navigating insurance claims

  • On Time & Reliable

  • Best leak detection equipment in the industry

Indoor & Outdoor leaks

As a Modesto water leak detection specialists, we have encountered nearly every type of water leak imaginable.

That’s why when you call me to help you repair or locate your leaking home, garden or commercial water system, I don’t just find the source of the leak — I pinpoint it to within centimeters!


Whether it’s an underground or overhead water pipe in the basement, a water heater with a cracked tank, or a leaky faucet, my experience in finding leaks has made me an expert in using the most advanced leak detection technology in the industry.

Pool leaks tend to be slower and may be hard to notice at first.

A certain amount of evaporation is to be expected, but if you're losing more than a half an inch a day, you should check if there's a pool leak.

If you think you have a pool leak you should:

  1. Turn off your auto-fill device if you have one.
  2. Turn the pool off at the breaker so it won’t kick on.
  3. Fill your pool to normal operating height – usually halfway up the skimmer.
  4. Mark the water level in the skimmer.
  5. Fill a bucket with pool water to one inch of the top and place it on the top step of the pool. This is our control group.  Mark the bucket the way you marked the skimmer.
  6. This won’t be perfect if part of your pool gets a lot more wind than another. If you have a deep end swim out in more wind use a bucket and put the full bucket on the swim out where it gets the same wind.
  7. Check the two lines in 24 hours.
  8. Note your results (pictures help) and refill the pool and bucket to the lines.
  9. Repeat the test with the system running continuously for the next 24 hours.
  10. Note your results.

    Source: Pool Troopers

Sometimes water that is leaking outside can seep indoors and make you think the leak is coming from inside. Pay attention to slopes and cracks. Call us for an accurate pinpoint of the leak!

The water main supplying your neighborhood with water belongs to your Modesto city water company. If you notice a leak coming from a fire hydrant, or burbling up in the street, then it is the city's responsibility and you can call them on their emergency hotline: 209-342-2246

If the leak is past your property line, then it is the property owner's responsibility to fix. That's where we come in handy! Call us to come find your water leak in Modesto. 

30+ Years Leak Detection Experience

Hiring a leak detection company and then calling the other guys to fix it...?

We're not saying all plumbers are bad, but wouldn't you rather save time and money by hiring us first?

Modesto Leak Detection Plumbers Are...

  • Licensed & Insured

  • Experienced

  • Background check approved

  • Drug test negative

  • Friendly

  • On Time

  • Clean

Home Or Commercial Water Leak Detection

For years, Modesto Leak Detection has been a commercial only operation. It is only in the past few years when we have opened our doors to the general public.

So if you have a restaurant, office building, construction project, farm, ranch, or any business that needs water, we are here for you!

Commercial water leaks are even more common than residential ones. There is usually more that can go wrong in a bigger building!

Chances are your insurance covers water leak detection and repair emergencies. But of course they would rather that problem not happen to begin with. Because of that, many insurance providers will offer a discount if you have a water leak detection device installed. This small upfront cost pays for itself and then some!

Give Modesto Leak Detection a call and we can help you pick out the best one for your commercial building.

Besides storms and flooding, there's a lot that can cause a water leak in your commercial building.

Most insurance does not cover water damage delivered over time, so it's important to act as soon as you suspect a leak.

Restroom toilets and kitchen faucets are common culprits of fixture leaks. Those are usually pretty easy to hear or see.

The next most common are broken supply lines and sewer lines. Those can not only cause severe damage to your building, but also cause your water bill to skyrocket!

Happy Customers Of Modesto Leak Detection

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David S.

Innovation plumbing are a 5 star plumbing service. Very professional, knowledgeable, reputable, and trustworthy. I have been in the restoration/construction industry for over 20+ years and have called on this company many times to take care of my clients from pin point leak detections, temporary water heater service, plumbing repairs, reroutes, and re pipes. Thank you for the many years of excellence you have given and continue to give.

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Cameron A.

Bill and Andrew are the best, reliable, affordable, and honest. Great family business always with a profession approach and presentation. They do what they say and say what they do! Would recommend for a project of any magnitude. You can count on these guys and be secure in your decision to perform for you! Their craftsmanship is incomparable.

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Fiona M.

Great company to work with. They inspect quickly and have a quick turnaround for their reporting. They are very knowledgeable and take pride in their work. They also care about the customers.

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Sao E.

I worked with Innovation Plumbing Services (Modesto Leak Detection) on multiple residential plumbing claims when I was a Property Claims Adjuster. They are the best plumbing company to work with! They are honest, trustworthy, and professional. I would recommend them to any of my friends, family, and colleagues.