Modesto, California - 10 Actually Fun Things To Do Here

Travel Road Map Macro Of Modesto And Stockton California

Modesto may not look like much on the surface, but we have a vibrant community if you know where to go.

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    A bag of peanuts and baseball on a wooden table


    Go To A Modesto Nuts Baseball Game

    Take me out to the ballgame! The Modesto Nuts have regular home games every spring. Although their name has changed several times, Modesto's baseball team has been around since 1962. Fun fact: the Modesto Nuts team and mascots make frequent appearances at school and charity events.

    Once a year there is also a Modesto Nuts firework show.

    Landscape view with mountains and a trail


    Hike The Rivers, Lakes, Mountains & Foothills

    If you get up early, you can beat the heat and explore the many trails in the foothills that surround Modesto. There are several hiking clubs that regularly meet in the area. Just outside the city is the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge, which is an especially amazing place for birdwatching.

    Traditional Mexican dish


    Eat At The Taco Trucks

    No matter where you are in Modesto, you're not too far from a taco truck selling delicious, authentic Mexican food. We recommend El Rey Del Taco. They have a nice shady outdoor dining area, lots of parking, great customer service and TASTY carne asada!

    Too women shopping in a mall


    Wander Vintage Faire Mall of Modesto

    While malls elsewhere are struggling, Modesto's Vintage Faire Mall is recovering after the pandemic shutdowns. It's a great place to go beat the heat. Don't let the "vintage" fool you- this is no antique mall. Grab some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery and wander the many shops. Chances are you'll bump into someone you know!

    Vintage Gold Pocket Watch


    Visit McHenry Museum

    Open Friday through Sunday, the McHenry Museum is a great place to learn about the last two centuries in Modesto and Stanislaus County. Although mostly focused on white man's history, it does have a small exhibit about the native Yokuts tribes.

    A kid drinking water againts the sky in a sunny day


    Sweat in the blistering heat

    Haha! We wish we were kidding. Wear sunblock.

    Theater masks over red curtain


    Gallo Center For The Arts

    Established in 2007, the Gallo Center For The Arts aims to be a center of enrichment, inspiration, and entertainment. Many types of performances grace their stage, including orchestras, plays, dances, and even laser light shows.

    Patty melt and fries


    Old Mill Cafe

    The Old Mill Cafe is one of Modesto's most well-established restaurants- rated 4.5 stars with almost 700 google reviews. Step into Old Mill and you'll feel like you're stepping into the past. You can expect big portions of classic American comfort food.

    Flea market with trees in the background


    7th Street Flea Market or Crow's Landing Flea Market

    If you haven't been to a flea market before, you may be surprised to know that these two can provide all your needs for less than big box stores.

    From groceries, fresh vegetables, and meat, to clothing, toys, and household items. Items may be new or used, but every vendor is friendly and has your best interest in mind. If you want to build community in Modesto and have fun dancing to live music, flea markets are the place to go.

    If you want more vendors (and bigger crowds) go to Crows Landing. If you don't like crowds, check out 7th St. The 7th St market also has livestock, which can be a fun thing for kids.

    crowd of people from behind in a concert


    Attend An Event At The Plaza

    There's always something fun going on in the Modesto City Plaza! Concerts, wedding expos, comic cons, Lucky Fest, and so much more- there's bound to be an event for you.

    Even if you're just on your lunch break, come sit by the Plaza fountain and enjoy a cool mist in the California heat.

    Plus, never worry about parking, because there is always plenty.